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Neva Gaming is a company from St. Petersburg, Russia, which develops and produces  educational games for kids around the world. The company started its activity in 2017 and since then has released 6 educational games for kids and toddlers - Memorina, Count game and others. More information, as well as a video about these games you can find here.


The company is growing every day and we will read all your wishes, from the Parents section with great attention. The company is also open to cooperation - send us pictures and funny stories of your kids and we will reflect them in our next games.


We are constantly improving our applications - updates go out stably once a month or more often. Our goal is to maximize the useful pastime for the child - all the games combine both entertaining and educational parts. All the characters and elements are painted by a professional artist especially for children's games.


Thank you for your support and feedback! Together we create the best games for kids!


Neva Gaming.

Privacy policy